The aim of the project was to refresh the customer experience so that it was much easier to identify travel costs and availability and thus improve online sales.

Starting with a research process that helped to identify customers’ frustrations with the existing and similar sites (ferries/airlines), Sagittarius considered the feedback and developed a customer journey that was as simple as possible to navigate - users can now readily identify the ‘product’ and then buy it online.

Working with the IT team in France we had to turn this ‘User Experience’ in to something that dovetailed with their legacy booking system so that it was logical and workable.

Once we had resolved the backend integration we designed and programmed a user interface that went through a usability testing process and ultimately ended up with the solution you see today.

results & showreel

The completion of the project led to:

  • An increase in online bookings of over 10%
  • Rating of 20/25 by New Media Age for design and usability
  • Generated very positive feedback from user groups and customers


Latest News

30 September 2020

G-Cloud 12: Tri-service Digital Accreditation

Sagittarius achieves listings in 3 categories of G-Cloud 12, easing procurement of digital services that use cloud computing


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