Evan Evans is the oldest and largest sightseeing company in the UK. Their range of luxury coach tours brings the best Britain has to offer - from majestic palaces and castles and quaint country villages to the historic cities of Bath, Oxford and Canterbury.


Sagittarius are responsible for all digital marketing across paid and organic channels, with an aim of increasing visibility amongst key audiences.


Providing new data insights into customer segments through social media and web analytics.

Expanded use of paid channels from Google Adwords to Bing, Twitter, Display and Facebook Ads.

Expanded international reach to raise awareness amongst upstream US audiences.

Maximised opportunities in the most competitive paid search auctions by using localised targeting around key London hotel locations.

Introduced retargeting to target consumers as different stages of their trip; the planning phase prior to departure and the very short conversion windows in market.

Technical SEO to diagnose content cannibalisation and develop new content strategy.


Since working with Evan Evans we have seen some fantastic project results, including:

  • 48% increase in new users overall
  • 38% increase in time on site
  • 10% increase in U.S. visitors
  • 34% increase in pages per session

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16 July 2018

Increase Revenues by 22% Using a Personalised Approach to Travel Marketing

See how personalisation could transform the way you do business


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