Headspace Meditation Limited’s mission is to get as many people in the world to take 10 minutes out of their day to practise a simple and easy-to-learn meditation technique.

Headspace is meditation for modern life - simple, scientifically-proven techniques, that people can use in every day to experience a heathier and happier mind.


To achieve this there was a need to develop a complete online strategy to revitalise the brand and re-engage loyal advocates. 

Sagittarius developed and implemented a bespoke sign-up, purchase and upgrade process to improve conversion rates and increase sales and make it truly engaging.

The refreshed website also offers ‘Headspace on-the-go’ to encourage users to subscribe to extra features such as a free app accessible via Android and iPhone.

In addition, a tactical email reminders and marketing programme was executed to nurture and engage the Headspace online community with fresh and inspiring motivational content.

results & showreel

The website was launched in January 2012, with some impressive results recorded:

2011 V’s 2012
Visits increased by 288.20%
Unique Visitors increased by 233.32%
Page Views Increased by 247.10%

2013 V’s 2012
Visits increased by 145.90%
Unique Visitors increased by 162.80%
Page Views Increased by 114.26%


Latest News

12 February 2019

The Digital Skills Shortage Just Got Serious

Ian MacArthur talks to the drum about what the snowballing skills shortage means for agencies


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