Journey Latin America are one of the UK’s leading luxury tour operators and Sagittarius, one of the UK leading specialists in Digital User Experience in the Travel sector were chosen to help them redesign their website and look at the full digital engagement strategy.


We developed a new responsive website for Journey Latin America – one of the industry’s leading luxury adventure travel tour operators.

Built on the class-leading Sitecore platform, the website is a key touch point for all of its clients but a key objective was to improve online sales and lead generation.


In summary or the redesign included:

  • A fully responsive framework update whilst retaining existing integrations and functionality
  • A top-to-toe User Experience review driven by business imperatives
  • Improved understanding of user flow and demand – establishing goals-based personalisation
  • Improved ‘desire’ – creating a premium and more immersive design with greater use of existing imagery and video  
  • Improved online booking and enquiry tools – by making it a simpler, a less onerous process, easier on more devices


Hierarchy of Calls To Action (CTA's)
There was a great need to improve visibility of key Calls to Action, such as Book Now and Enquire Online. We addressed this by:

  • Redesigned header areas for Destinations and Holidays with prominent CTAs
  • Contextual secondary header sticks to top of browser on scroll - key CTAs always visible on desktop and mobile.

Clarity of user journey and product matrix
The previous site had a propensity for leading users into dead ends. Page structure meant they could quickly get lost. This created doubt as to whether they had seen all products appropriate for them. We addressed this by:

  • New search functionality combining product and site search, ajax transitions and “sticky” filters
  • Mega navs
  • Sticky header that minimises on scroll – for desktop and mobile so top-level navigation always accessible
  • Contextual secondary header displays most recently viewed holiday

Booking Process

We have worked hard to improve the overall booking process:

  • A previously huge, single-page form has been split out into separate screens for passenger, up-sells and flights.
  • We applied a modern, mobile-first layout
  • Slick transitions between screens improve usability and make it feel less arduous


The site has only been live a matter of weeks but initial feedback from users has been very positive with some encouraging User Experience results:

  • 5%+ reduction in bounce rate
  • 5%+ growth in Mobile traffic and usage
  • 109% increase in users getting to search results on desktop and 133% increase on mobile
  • Up to 400% increase in users reaching key holiday pages
  • 28% reduction in average page load time – despite the content rich experience
  • 220% increase in use of wish lists - particularly on mobile

Latest News

24 November 2020

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