Operation Halo

In December 2014 a new senior management team was appointed to give renewed impetus to KIMS Hospital - a £105 million private hospital that opened in April 2014.

The brief for the new digital platform was clear, align the user experience, calls to action and creative with the business's objectives, the culture and the ‘excellence’ message of the new hospital.

For us, the mission was clear - we needed to create a sector leading website that not only made it incredibly simple for potential patients to find the right service or treatment for them but also promoted the ‘halo’ treatments - the ones that our client can deliver better than anyone else in the UK and the ones that the business had identified as being of key importance.


The key goal was to generate business for the hospital and this was broken down into a number of simple to measure metrics and ratios that identified success, as follows:

  • Website form submissions
  • Ask a Question Form
  • Contact a Consultant
  • Request an Appointment
  • Refer a Patient
  • Contact Us
  • Form Submissions to Sessions Calls from digital to the call centre using call tracking technology Visitor traffic to key pages and sections of the website e.g. Halo Treatments and Key Consultants


  • Raise the profile of halo treatments in line with the hospital's business strategy.
  • Surface the full catalogue of treatments, services and experts.
  • Simplify the user experience to best connect the patient to the right treatment or consultant on web and mobile.
  • Improve the performance of direct sales through digital channels
  • Create a competitive advantage by creating a stand out brand presence in the market place.
  • Find economies of scale (ie cost savings) through using digital to facilitate cross channel marketing challenges.


The reason for the project was simple, hospitals need patients and for those that had invested the £105 million to open it was of the up-most importance to see a return on their investment, as per the original business plan.

It was vital that the hospital took a strong position in a busy marketplace, delivering its excellence message from first click on the website, through the patient journey, into recovery and beyond.

award worthy results

Watch our case study video and learn more about our work with KIMS Hospital.


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