background & brief

The Streetlights Means 30 campaign was commissioned by the Kent and Medway Safety camera Partnership, KMSCP, to raise awareness of the 30mph speed limit on Kent roads.

Key messages of the campaign focused on educating drivers that where streetlights are seen, the speed limit is usually 30. A secondary education message was around the greatly increased risk of fatality through speed:

If you hit a pedestrian or cyclist at 40mph there is a 31% chance they’ll die.
If you hit them at 30mph there is a 93% chance they’ll live.

campaign aims

  • Achieve significant reach across the county of Kent
  • Communicate the key messages across multiple channels
  • Integrate offline and online elements of the campaign
  • Drive traffic to the online assets of the campaign
  • Achieve measurable results to help demonstrate value and plan future campaigns
  • Identify a campaign model for potential roll out in future
  • Adopt best practice and demonstrate innovative thinking.


The overall strategy was to use a range of offline and digital channels integrated together and all geographically targeted to dominate the local region, and repeat key messages to target audiences throughout the campaign to raise awareness and drive traffic to campaign assets.

In order to ensure that our campaign affected behaviour change on a local level, we recommend integrating the campaign strategy with a transtheoretical change model also known as ‘PCPAM’ which is used to define the typical stages of behaviour change, from pre-contemplation (not aware that the behaviour is a problem) to maintenance (maintaining the new positive behaviour).

  • Precontemplation
  • Contemplation
  • Preparation
  • Action
  • Maintenance

 Our strategy ensured that the campaign acknowledges this journey to behaviour change, splitting the messaging and creative into two phases ‘It’s 30 for a reason’, followed by ‘Streetlights mean 30’.


key results

Through our approach to using past campaign insights and data to inform future optimisation decisions, 2017’s campaign generated the best results to date. In fact, it has recently been nominated at the UK Search Awards for Best Integrated Campaign for achieving:

  • £20,000 total campaign investment
  • 5,694,204 impacts (views, listens and impressions)
  • 54,954 engagements (clicks and full views)

To put this into context, compared with the previous year’s campaign, we helped KMSCP achieve a 29% increase in impacts and a 17% increase in engagements… all on a budget that was 33% lower!

case study video

Watch our case study video about this multi-channel campaigns success!


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