Office Hero required a clean, uncluttered design for a website that would encourage visitors to find the product they require quickly.

Office Hero wanted to promote unrivalled customer service with competitive prices and a 24/7 call centre.


Sagittarius created an ‘intelligent’ website with these key features and benefits:

Sophisticated integral search facility to support the large number of products available

Key information on user purchasing decisions (order history, collaborative filtering etc)

Information Architecture ensures that users are able to ‘browse’ the products they require

Supports and encourages retention (‘previously purchased items’, ‘recently viewed’)

Helps to prompt customers to increase their basket size (collaborative filtering)

Mechanism provides users with a choice of free gifts depending on the ‘band’ they qualify within a facility to promote top sellers and ‘hero’ related products

Third party bespoke sources improve the overall customer experience


When the website launched, it was a completely new brand. Sagittarius developed an identity to be used online and across other channels. The use of the ‘hero’ dog character adds personality to the brand and experience.

A key part of Sagittarius' effort has been to define, execute and optimise the ongoing digital marketing strategy helping to continually drive traffic to the Office Hero website.

In an already aggressive office supplies market, Office Hero has quickly established a competitive position thanks to their impeccable 24/7 customer service and quick search website.


Latest News

24 September 2020

Improving digital business travel experiences

Head of agency services, Marie explores the ways that business travel experiences could be improved for the future


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