To develop an e-commerce solution that would support global sales and maintain PANTONE's position as the number one choice for colour management.

In addition, we support PANTONE Europe with their offline material (design and print) e.g. product brochures, leaflets and specialised press ads.

solution & showreel

We started bottom-up, analysing the then disparate and unaffiliated regional data structures and devised an all encompassing database and website architecture with the following features and benefits:

A platform capable of delivering real time product data and content in any combination of language and currency.

An e-commerce platform with regional tax, shipping and automated fulfilment capabilities.

Configurable regional promotions system, empowering the regional sales teams to run promotions sensitive to their audiences.

A CMS capable of allowing full control over multi-lingual content and multi-currency products and pricing.

A CMS with a full, controlled migration capability ensuring all content could be previewed on a User Acceptance Testing version of the website before it could go live.

Integrated, global partner/affiliate system.


A client of ours since 1998, Sagittarius supports PANTONE with most of its European marketing through Advertising, Direct Mail, Exhibitions and Retailer Support.

We also developed their global website which has gone on to become a leading edge e-commerce platform, empowering the global sales network to reach new audiences and revenue levels.

A truly enterprise-level development, the site supports multiple languages and currencies with options for fulfilment through numerous international delivery channels.


Latest News

24 November 2020

Getting Ahead of the Curve, Digital Experiences that Travel

Is your travel brand ready for the traveller of 2021 and beyond?


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