Working for Ogilvy One, Sagittarius developed a global suite of websites for the Persil, OMO and Tide brands ensuring a consistent digital experience.

The public facing websites for this global brand had to follow a consistent content development structure across all countries whilst promoting the individual brand within each market.

Sagittarius created the initial global template consisting of 2,500 pages, followed by the delivery of localised websites across a total of 25 regions.

The premise for the site: “Dirt is Good” is used to demonstrate the importance for kids to be free to get dirty to experience life and develop.


Sagittarius developed the site on an open source platform to allow each market to amend and update content in a specific language.

Using a open source platform also provided features such as user management; blog content, media management, which allowed for a richer and even more relevant user experience for the brands global audience and in turn, encouraging higher levels of satisfaction and engagement.

The brand consistency of the Dirt Is Good platform was key to the global roll out allowing for a consistent user experience across all markets.


The project quickly developed into more than the original brief with Sagittarius building over 34 different sites for the DIG platform in over 18 languages including China, The Middle East and Brazil.

The global DIG platform was built on an adaptive framework for optimum global mobile support.

Engagement tools were also developed by Sagittarius and were made available through the Stain Gang app. The website provides “Kids’ Activities”, tips on how to remove stains and introduces the “Stain Gain”.

Following the implementation of the DIG global desktop platform, Sagittarius developed mobile platforms for countries including UK, China, Brazil, Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Vietnam, India, Spain, Chile and Argentina.


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24 November 2020

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