The Pulmonary Vascular Research Institute (PVRI) is a medical organisation whose vision is to reduce the global burden of pulmonary vascular disease (PVD) within the next two decades. They aim to achieve this through global collaboration, striving for excellence in clinical care, research and education in PVD.

the brief.

The PVRI appointed us to develop a new digital learning initiative to further facilitate the education of a commonly undiagnosed illness in the form of an e-learning tool.

With limited funding and awareness of the disease, pulmonary hypertension is an important issue across the world and the mission of the PVRI is to increase awareness and improve the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of the condition by educating as many clinicians within its network and beyond.

The training solution needed to be user-friendly and as lifelike as possible, whilst being accessible to experts based across the globe. Simulating the experience of shadowing of a clinician, through an authentic patient case, was prioritised throughout the development of the course, to maximise user engagement. Users follow their patient with specialist advice, from diagnosis through to treatment, helping users to make informed choices for diagnosis and treatment paths and management of the condition.

The e-learning tool also needed to be 'stand-out' in the market for its look, feel and content.

the solution.

Sagittarius developed an e-learning tool, known as the 'PVRI Digital Clinic', that provides users with authentic patient cases to assess. These cases include interactive content such as patient and specialists video content and imagery, authentic medical charts, data and test results (with all contributors remaining anonymous).

The new e-learning tool will bring clinicians together, across the world, to discuss PH and treatments available.

We are now working with the PVRI to develop the Digital Clinic further and fully integrate it with their CMS, whilst adding additional functionality and complexity.


“Sagittarius were instrumental in helping us build the right tool for the job. The PVRI Digital Clinic was built in partnership with a great team of savvy coders, committed project managers and attentive account managers from proof of concept, into one of our core mission objectives. We look forward to working with them on future iterations of the Clinic."

Aaron Shefras

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