Questor Insurance are a UK based niche insurance provider that appointed Sagittarius in 2015 to help them better optimise their digital strategy. Since then, we have worked with them on a variety of projects to help improve their digital presence and efficiency.

challenge / objectives

The aim of this campaign was to intercept the customer journey of people that have purchased, or are considering purchasing, a hire car for their holiday using native traffic and programmatic channels.

Other objectives included:

  • Focus on travellers departing during Easter holidays
  • Identify if they are in market for car hire or have purchased car hire
  • Cross-sell car hire excess insurance
  • Retarget top-of-funnel traffic to re-engage prospects
  • Monitor performance against benchmark KPI's
  • Gain insights for future campaigns


We delivered a variety of advertising campaigns including Native, Programmatic, RLSA and Display marketing.

The campaign we implemented included an 'interactive billboard' which integrated the landing page into the ad placement in a bid to encourage users to begin the quote process straight from the ad window before being redirected to the website form where the process continued.


  • 74.2% increase in CRO
  • 19.7% rise in impressions
  • 28% rise in click through rate

Latest News

09 July 2020

How did the business world cope with digital transformation on fast forward?

Paul explores the recent acceleration of digital transformation thrust upon the world by a global pandemic


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