The Sagittarius team were tasked with developing IA, creative and technical solutions for the management and distribution of team news for both the Rizla Suzuki BSB and MotoGP websites.


The digital team started to plan a detailed user journey and IA that ensured that all information from the teams was available and accessible 24/7.

Our designers then looked at a user centric design that encompassed both the team and title sponsors brand and core values. We combined this with the entertainment and energy of a motorbike racing team to produce an exciting website.

The bespoke Content Management system solution allowed users and PR agents access from track side, anywhere and anytime in the world, for the immediate communication of team news and statistics to the ever growing fan base.

We also integrated a bespoke calender system that was based around the British Superbike Racing Calender to allow maximum use for digital marketing.

To add even more thrills to this website we also created a fully branded motorcycle racing game.


100,000 email communications per race weekend

500 Text SMS messages per Race weekend

An increase in online traffic to both sites of over 400%

An increase in fan base numbers by 100% and an increase in online sales by over 300% Increased paid-for Fanclub Plus membership by 50%


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23 January 2018

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