The Race of Champions is a knockout tournament in which the world’s greatest racing drivers battle to prove they’re the fastest ‘Champion of Champions’.

After a seven way pan-European pitch, Sagittarius were appointed to deliver a new website to promote the event.

Since 2011, we have continually delivered industry leading digital solutions to the event providing an their website, mobile application and “minute-by-minute“ scheduling application.


Sagittarius employed creative design skills and in-depth digital expertise to meet an organic brief:

Real-time communication features offered by Sagittarius include email broadcasting and integrated SMS broadcasting.

Platform integration with Twitter and YouTube functionality, enabling The Race of Champions to constantly engage their fan base in real time.

The website available to all mobile browsers, so fans can keep up to date with all driver and event announcements as they happen.

Bespoke feature for a ‘VIP’ area for drivers only (2011 event).

Fully optimised Race of Champions photo galleries, video and podcasts.


At launch the class-leading, media-rich website drove 7,000 Facebook ‘likes’ in four months, resulting in almost 400,000 visits per day for the 2010 race weekend. Fans' appetite for online content was fierce again at the 2011 event with a 43% uplift in the Fanbase to over 16,300 likes and continues to grow year on year!

1.7 million post views in two weeks and over 43,500 visitors to the mobile website in 30 days.

In 2011, we began live streaming of race results and the race schedule on web and TV through our minute-by-minute app. MBM then updated the organisers, TV and international media too throughout the event and continues to do so into current events.

In 2011 there were 100,000 online views of the live broadcast and the video highlights made it to the top 10 listings on iTunes for a second year running.


  • Drove 7,000 Facebook ‘likes’ in four months 
  • Over 16,300 likes in a year, over 43% uplift of Fanbase since 2010 
  • 400,000 visits per day for the 2010 race weekend 
  • 10,397 likes and comments on Facebook demonstrating brand engagement 
  • 1.7 million post views in two weeks 
  • Over 100,000 online views of the live broadcast 
  • 429,000 video views on YouTube in 2011 

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