Toyota Home Sewing engaged with Sagittarius to provide a digital solution to help them promote, share and engage a brand new product to the UK audience. Toyota Home Sewing was keen to raise the brand profile in the UK of the Oekaki Renisaance Sewing machine in advance of a nationwide product launch in Summer 2014.

Toyota Home Sewing wanted to create an independent microsite for the new Oekaki Renaissance machine and ensure that existing Toyota Home Sewing customers and potential new Renaissance customers understood the complete offering across the Toyota Home Sewing brand. The website needed to be positioned as the first port-of-call for prospects when buying a Renaissance machine online.

As an ecommerce project this website also had a number of revenue based objectives such as brand awareness, product sales and traffic targets. Importantly, the new website had to complement all of the other marketing activities across the Toyota Home Sewing brand.


Sagittarius developed a fully integrated digital marketing campaign including microsite with supporting ‘how to videos’ for Toyota Home Sewing in the UK to support a nationwide launch of the new Oekaki Renaissance sewing machine, a new addition to the Oekaki sewing machine family.

The website contains a delicate balance between the practical and tactile explosion of craft and colour combined with the technology that allows the product to be shown in a digital form, which engages, inspires and enthuses advocates and people new to the Toyota Home Sewing brand.

The site was developed on an open-source platform to allow Toyota Home Sewing the flexibility of content publishing with complex development features.

With every new Renaissance machine purchased a webkey was sent with the machine to accompany the product manual. This webkey is a new technology, exclusive to Sagittarius in the UK. The webkey works in the form of a traditionally printed piece of direct mail but connects to your computer. When the user plugs the webkey into their laptop or desktop machine, it automatically opens a browser and takes the user to a specified URL where they are able to register and read information about the Renaissance.
These online interactions are also traceable so that Toyota Home Sewing can see exactly how many people have plugged the webkey into their computer, wherein the world these people are and how many of them have registered their new Renaissance sewing machine.


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