Sagittarius were briefed to develop four individual websites under the TUI brand, all of which are in the Specialist and Activity Sector.

We were tasked with rationalising a complicated product matrix. For each of the four we were required to create an online customer journey to improve sales/leads whilst develop a scalable architecture to accommodate the wide range of products and destinations.

Gullivers Sports Travel is the UK’s leading and longest established sports tour operator, specialising in rugby supporters tours, cricket supporters tours, tailor-made travel for major sporting events worldwide and sports playing tours and festivals for schools, clubs and universities.

Masterclass Sports Tours offers bespoke tournament and coaching tours specially designed to give schools and clubs a mix of training, fixtures and a tournament alongside activities and excursions abroad. Source market is the UK.

Edwin Doran is the market leader in sending overseas rugby, cricket, hockey, netball, lacrosse, football and golf tours. Their marketing emphasis is primarily on the school sector both independent and state. Source market is the UK.

Team Link specialises in tailor-made sports tours for all major team sports (rugby, football, hockey, netball and cricket), at all levels from junior and youth teams through universities, senior sides and all military sporting outfits.


By working with a number of key shareholders in the four businesses and the wider TUI Group, Sagittarius developed a solid online marketing strategy that resulted in tailored customer journeys to meet specific objectives.

Our methodical approach to first rationalise the product proposition and then develop interactive wireframe prototypes for each of the sites enabled the full user experience and functional specification to be refined prior to creative design treatment.

Whilst the build of the sites was underway, we focused our efforts on creating fresh engaging graphic treatments for all the sites. Each of the four sites had to be very different to make sure their proposition was distinct and stayed 'on brand'.


  • Extensive Information Architecture and Usability development
  • Working with a large stakeholder team
  • Creative tools to help users search a large product matrix.

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24 November 2020

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