YPO is the UK's largest public sector buying organisation and is publicly owned by 13 local authorities with more than 60 associate members.

Handling more than 30,000 products, YPO manages the procurement across 100 public sector frameworks including food, insurance and electricity.

the brief

YPO appointed Sagittarius as their Digital Agency to help innovate and drive forward their business vision with the Sitecore platform and commerce front of mind.

the challenge

Sagittarius are engaged in an ambitious program of works to leverage YPO’s existing Sitecore and commerce platform and to integrate new and existing offline systems to help make YPO more competitive and support the wider innovation agenda.

YPO are undertaking a business transformation program which will revolutionise their internal systems and the online interactions with their existing clients and those with whom they wish to attract and engage.


We're keeping these projects tightly under wraps for the moment and will be able to announce more updates soon. Head over to our blog to read more information about upcoming projects, news and events.


Latest News

16 July 2019

Why Omnichannel Retailing is a Must for Home & Garden Brands

Why is omnichannel retailing is so important & which brands are at the forefront of innovative thinking


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