xConnect API

xConnect is a set of APIs and services within Sitecore that allow integration and data interchange in and out of the Sitecore Database.

This feature connects online and offline data interchanging the data to feed into marketing automation; collecting richer data and allowing for deeper personalisation.

xConnect also widens the choice of xDB databases including MongoDB, Microsoft Azure SQL or Microsoft SQL Server 2016.

purpose built forms

Drag and drop fields and the ability to reuse and re-skin at ease means marketers can create forms quick that ever and use this multiple times across their site.

Data capture is also directly fed into the Sitecore Database in real time and can be used to collect brand’s NPS.

Sitecore Cortex

Sit back whilst Cortex segments your audience based on their actions and shows them the content best suited to their needs.

Its machine learning functionality integrates across Sitecore’s experience platform and commerce analytics to process rich data with intelligent results; providing marketers with a more advanced understanding of how their content will perform, how users interact and how to deliver the most engaging content to drive higher engagement rates.

Sitecore Experience Cloud

Whilst developers will benefit from the speed and scale of cloud hosting, marketers will rejoice in the assurance that marketing campaigns will scale during peak periods as well as a general faster time to market speed; providing stability and consistency even during busy periods.

federated authentication

Allow visitors to login using their social profiles and provide a seamless customer journey from PC to mobile with single click sign on.

advancements in marketing automation

Redesigned marketing tools make it easier than ever to quickly build automated workflow including email responders and content personalisation making the life of marketers easier and more efficient.

streamlined migration & conversion tools

Making the transition to Sitecore 9 the easiest and most straightforward upgrade yet.


Be on a platform that offers GDPR compliancy with tools that allow you to anonymise/extract information on an individual from your Sitecore page.

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the case for upgrading

Thinking about upgrading to the latest version of Sitecore? We compared versions 6.x-8.x with 9 to help make you decide if it’s the right move for your brand.

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