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Sagittarius have been successfully delivering the world's most powerful Sitecore developments for the past 5 years and have extensive experience in developing Sitecore experiences the right way, first time, leveraging the full features and functionality to deliver brands results and return from their investment.

sitecore hosting solutions.

Ensuring that your technical hosting solution is right for your Sitecore implementations is a crucial part of any development project. We work with a number of hosting partners that can provide a stable foundation for your digital presence.

Able to cope with high volumes of traffic or peak times of use we can provide assistance in choosing the right solution for your Sitecore requirements.

upgrading with confidence.

Are you an existing Sitecore customer and looking to upgrade your instance of Sitecore to the latest release? We have experience in successfully upgrading sites from Sitecore 6,7 and 8 to the latest release, Sitecore XP 9.

Head over to our blog where we've broken down the key features and benefits of upgrading to Sitecore XP 9!

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sitecore experience commerce.

Sitecore experience commerce is the ultimate ecommerce solution that brings enterprise-level capabilities to the market-leading experience platform. New features make personalisation easier than ever meaning you can make each interaction both purposeful and unique.

With Sitecore Experience Commerce, brands can effortlessly interpret customer journeys and upsell cycles, allowing you to display the right content to the right customers and the right time to boost conversions and drive sales.

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Be on a platform that offers GDPR compliancy with tools that allow you to anonymise/extract information on an individual from your Sitecore page.

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personalisation & segmentation.

Here at Sagittarius, we practice strategic marketing and our approach to development is led by delivering ROI.

Personalisation is a must in today's digital landscape and is at the heart of what we do. Our proven expertise in personas, profiling and segmentation with Sitecore means we can translate who your target audience is, what their interests are and what influences their buying decisions; to provide personalised experiences that convert.

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