new sitecore developments.

A successful Sitecore project requires an in-depth understanding of the possibilities of the platform including creative, technical and digital experience.

Choose a Sitecore partner that puts your business at the heart of their decisions and puts your brand’s needs first.

sitecore re-builds.

Is your existing site lacking aesthetics, navigation paths, good user experience or simply not utilising the many features such as personalisation and engagement automation?

OR is GDPR making you rethink how your website collects and uses customer data?

Sagittarius will ensure your web development leverages the platform's potential, defines user journeys, engages key stakeholders and ultimately delivers ROI.

sitecore pre-build sessions.

Before embarking on your Sitecore development journey, our technical team can perform an in-depth assessment of your business requirements and objectives to make sure you get the most of the platform.

These workshops are usually delivered as part of a Sitecore development project but can also be delivered in isolation.

design & UX.

Great user experience is the king of conversion! Is your website pace with the latest design and UX trends whilst also appeasing the ever-changing needs of your audience?

At Sagittarius we’ve built some of the most aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and award-winning websites in the industry.

CRM integration.

Integrating your CRM system with Sitecore has endless benefits for both marketers and front-line operations staff. 

Richer data also allows your marketing team to make better decisions and provide a more seamless journey to conversion for users. 

Our teams have extensive experience integrating Microsoft Dynamics, Sales Force and Exact Target wit Sitecore, give you the power of the 360-degree view of your brand's clients and prospects!

sagittarius business optimisation services (SBOS).

Your brand may already be using the Sitecore platform or maybe your new to its powerful personalisation features and looking to start your contextual marketing journey? 

Our expert consultants can deliver tailor-made workshops to your team to help them embrace the many functions and features of the platform including personalisation, defining goals, engagement values, profiles, and personas.

These workshops can delivered as part of a Sitecore development project but can also be delivered in isolation

A/B testing.

Introducing A/B testing to your marketing strategy is the perfect way for your brand to test and validate new ideas before you commit to them.

Our consultants can review your templates and components to enable A/B testing toolset and advise on campaigns, messaging, content, design and CTAs to create help optimise your website.

You can even gamify decisions between team members... whos decision will come out on top?

sitecore SEO.

Whilst Sitecore does not include an 'out-of-the-box' SEO solution, our experienced digital marketing team work alongside our design and build projects to help optimise our clients SEO efforts.  

If you are still unsure about how your website is performing in results then take our free SEO review to better understand which areas need more attention and how your site is currently performing. 

email experience manager.

Leverage Sitecore's potential by implementing the email experience manager putting all your marketing efforts under one roof! ExM allows you to schedule and send both plain and personalised emailers at ease whilst its user friendly interface means marketer's will need no input from developers to create beautiful email marketing campaigns. 

ExM's built in analytics interface also means you can see open rates in real-time helping you to better manage your data! 

project recovery.

At Sagittarius, we’ve worked with lots of brands who have worked with partners that have not lived up to expectations leaving them with a less than perfect solution. 

Our team of experts can provide a thorough strategy for the implementation of a recovery programme starting with a full site audit and impact assessment.

impact readiness assessment & version upgrades.

An upgrade to any platform poses risks to your site’s stability. To minimise risk and ascertain timeframes we’ll carry out a ‘dummy Sitecore upgrade’ to document the most likely issues and timescales to complete the project.

This ‘spike test’ ensures that your business is aware of any risks before you commit to the upgrade.

ongoing development & 24/7 support.

Support contracts are always advisable so you have the support when you need it most.

Previous projects have shown us that new customers need startup support to ensure they are getting the most from their investment.

We are also able to provide 24 hours, 365-day support. Our technical support team aims to detect, identify and rectify faults at the earliest possible stage to minimize the impact and restore service as quickly as possible.

technical audit.

Ensure your site is stable and robust with our full technical audit. We wil take a technical deep dive into your world of code and recommend where changes can be made to better utilise the Sitecore platform.

This process involves a 220 health check including: componentisation, CMS management, third party integration, server architecture, deployment process and quality testing.

personalisation audit.

Our personalisation audit will determine how much of your site is leveraging the personalisation features Sitecore has to offer.

This audit health check will include: data template structure, componentisation, CMS management and utilisation of xDB.

ecommerce solutions.

No matter what the commerce requirements of your business, we have a commerce solution for you. We are experienced in developing solutions using Ucommerce and Sitecore Experience Commerce, ensuring that your commerce and CMS capabilities work in harmony together

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