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New to Sitecore or maybe you need a refresher? Our Sitecore experts are able to provide on-site training sessions tailored to your business requirements, including an introduction to the Sitecore interface; providing an overview of the basic skills required for editing and designing on the platform.

This training session is designed for those that have a basic or limited experience of the Sitecore platform.

sitecore business optimisation services (SBOS)

At Sagittarius, our team of Sitecore experts and MVPs will help you and your team leverage the platform's potential. 

Our workshops, usually lasting 3 days, aims to make you the Sitecore expert. We'll provide the theory and tools so that you can walk away feeling confident in the product with the ability to continue using the platform at ease.  

Delivered on-site by our team of consultants, these sessions are tailored to your business needs and wants and are designed to put you in the driving seat of the Sitecore experience and go over and above the basics provided by Sitecore themselves. 


Will you need to do any development?
No. We will need access to the CMS to provide the training and the workshop will include development recommendations but your existing development team can do this or we can make a separate quote.

Do I need to be a Sagittarius customer to get consultancy/SBOS training?

No. Consultancy is delivered with or without our development teams involvement.

lets talk!

Would you like to know more about our training workshops? Speak to one of our advisors today and find out how you can start leveraging Sitecore's potential.

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Latest News

12 November 2018

Sagittarius Lands & Expands with Technical User Group in Colombo, Sri Lanka

We're excited to announce Sagittarius is sponsoring our first overseas TUG!


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