maintaining the narrative.

Does your brand adhere to a defined content strategy?

All too often brands fall into a trap where content is produced by multiple authors from different teams leading to a lack of clarity, divergent voices and conflicting experiences.

To create successful content, brands must follow a robust content strategy in order to deliver a consistent, cohesive brand message and experience.

roadmapping change.

We offer a range of content reviews to help brands get a handle on what content they have and identify how to best optimise their content marketing activities. These include:

Catch-up: Identifying the content you currently have by performing a high-level content audit; assessing your performance against an industry benchmark to score your ‘content maturity.’

Keep-up: Building upon the above, we’ll do a deeper dive to pull together a broad measurement framework to identify how your content is performing. We’ll also provide a list of recommendations, quick wins and improvements projects.

Stay-ahead: Taking the above reports to the next level we’ll also assess your competitors and highlight content gaps to assimilate best-practice. We’ll also create a roadmap for short, medium and long-term recommendation projects.

who should consider a content marketing strategy?

Would you forgive us if we said “everyone”? Content Marketing is a very broad term, but many regard it as a single-utility function: Usually restricted to a blog or social media.

In actuality, Content Marketing should be intrinsic to every facet of a wider marketing strategy, informing every piece of content a brand distributes, as well as exploring avenues for new opportunities such as outreach.

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