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Here at Sagittarius we involve digital marketing in all that we do. It’s the process behind getting a brand or product in the right place, at the right time, to the right people with the right message to increase online conversions and deliver ROI.

We have a wealth of experience in researching and segmenting your audiences, identifying appropriate digital media channels and devising structured campaigns. This could include display advertising, paid search, social media, video and native advertising.

media planning & strategy

Before you embark on you digital marketing journey, you need a success strategy and a plan to win!

Our team are experienced in managing and delivering complex media planning schedules and ensuring integration between digital media channels and with your wider offline marketing, with an end goal of maximising return on investment.

multichannel digital marketing

As new digital channels have emerged, so a multichannel approach to your marketing is essential.

An integrated multichannel campaign can help extend online reach and improve engagement with your audience, to help progress users through their online journey to conversion.

Our multichannel marketing campaigns also reflect the latest thinking in first and last click attribution to ensure a synergetic improvement in conversions.

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omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing enables businesses to deliver a seamless customer experience no matter how, when and where people choose to interact with your brand.

Omnichannel Marketing uses data gathered through every interaction to put the customer at the heart of the brand. So whatever the touchpoint, whether via an app, website or even in-store, you know who they are, and their buying habits and preferences – because you’ve connected your channels and are sharing data across them all.

This then allows brands to deliver personalised contextual content to boost engagement and increase purchase rates.

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search marketing & ppc

Paid search advertising can provide a highly targeted, flexible and cost effective marketing tool for your website – but only when implemented correctly.

We are a leading search marketing agency managing successful pay per click and paid search campaigns on behalf of our clients across all the major search and social PPC platforms.

Our online advertising experts manage campaigns in some of the most competitive online markets. Through our carefully designed process of research, campaign design, hands on management and continuous improvement we have produced some remarkable returns for our clients.

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Successful SEO can be seen as both an art and a science and we lead the way in both at Sagittarius.

A winning SEO strategy requires a technical and granular approach to keyword research and on-page optimisation, combined with a creative flair for understanding your audience and identifying new off-page opportunities.

We have been very successful in devising SEO strategies, which achieve prominence in search results and drive the correct audience to your site – all in a way which is focused on conversions and operates within the latest search engine quality guidelines.

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Our remarketing specialists have pioneered use of this advertising technique to help our clients re-engage with their target audiences and increase conversions.

Our campaigns use the full range of display, search and social remarketing channels and we can even help you unlock hidden opportunities within your existing customer data.

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We can help you create and implement an effective retargeting campaign to deliver improved return on investment and build closer relationships with your market segments.

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social media

From Social Media strategy to channel management, our digital marketing team have the skills and expertise to devise successful strategies and manage your social interactions with confidence.

With today’s ever changing social landscape, new social media networks emerging, we can help you select the most appropriate channels for your audience and communicate with confidence.

We are also experts at leveraging your social media community to generate conversions and ROI.

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mobile marketing

Mobile marketing can provide customers with time and location sensitive, personalised information that promotes your brand's product or services.

Increasingly, email communications are opened via a mobile device rather than desktop machines, which means that email campaigns must be built with a mobile first ethos. Social media usage is greatest on mobile devices and the proliferation of apps also provides new advertising opportunities.

From copy writing to design and deployment our digital team will ensure that your mobile marketing integrates seamlessly with your overall marketing strategy.

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Latest News

19 February 2018

Agency CEO Paul Stephen Shortlisted as Agency Professional of the Year

We're very proud of CEO Paul for being shortlisted in the Travel Marketing Awards!


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