what is programmatic advertising

Programmatic advertising is a campaign managed entirely by AI, also known as machine learning. 

By telling the machine which pages, goals or actions are most valuable on your site, it will start showing ads to users en masse, recognise which factors (time, placement, demographics etc) lead to the most valuable engagements, then gradually optimise to only show your ads in the best situation.

see the full guide to programmatics

acquisition & retargeting

With Programmatic, you acquire new customers by utilising third-party data sets (commonly called 'Big Data'), by allowing "the machine" to provide you with lookalike customers from your own data sets.

While impressive, Programmatic truly excels at Remarketing. You can re-target previous visitors (again, at the right time & right place) but crucially across MULTIPLE DEVICES - this makes Programmatic particularly powerful when compared with other types of targeting.

learn more about retargeting

who is it for?

One of the benefits of programmatic is that it utilises data about everyone, although that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s for everyone.

While programmatic is intelligent, and can optimise without the need for manual adjustment, it’s not as simple as flicking a switch and seeing the ROAS roll in.

Programmatic should be seen as the perfect supplement to any business with existing multi-channel marketing in place, as it will “fill the gaps” in your existing strategy, and steer your customers back towards your main channel.

proven results

Over the past year, we’ve been encouraging our clients to begin experimenting with programmatic, and found that it contributes a sizeable percentage to assisted transactions – filling gaps that we couldn’t cater to with traditional Search or Display advertising.

Not only that, but we’re able to garner audience and placement insights from our results that, in turn, inform our overall strategy, making programmatic immensely valuable to us and our clients.

start implementing programmatic advertising

While programmatic will optimise itself over time, a large amount of technical preparation must be done before setting it live.

Sagittarius can help kick-start this process and help you get your first programmatic campaign off the ground.

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