build conversions and closer customer relationships

At Sagittarius our re-targetting specialists have pioneered use of this advertising technique to help our clients re-engage with their target audiences and increase conversions.

We can help you create and implement an effective retargeting campaign to deliver improved return on investment and build closer relationships with your market segments.

google adwords search and display retargeting

As a Google Partners agency we use AdWords retargetting to continue advertising to your website visitors after they leave your site.

Our Adwords retargetting campaigns can span both the display network advertising to maintain brand awareness and reinforce key messages, as well as the Google Search network to target consumers in the research and comparison phase.

We target our retargetting ads using intelligent Google Analytics audiences based on user sources and behaviour, to help find and convert high value users as well turn customers into brand advocates.

facebook and twitter ad retargeting

Extend your retargetting advertising campaigns onto social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter.

These channels allow you to maintain brand profile amongst potential consumers in the social space and move previous visitors into social followers. Using your historic customer data we can also identify and target previous contacts on social media using retargetting lists.

Then crucially we can quickly scale up campaigns through creating cloned Lookalike audiences of your most responsive segments, delivering traffic often at a much lower average cost per click.

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Latest News

13 March 2018

Sagittarius Double Celebration at 2018 Travel Marketing Awards

We're super proud of the team for being recognised at this years TTMA!


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