ppc advertising

Pay Per Click has grown into a key digital marketing tool, ideal for both tactical campaigns and also strategic brand building.

As a Google Partners agency, our PPC services range from audience and keyword research to building well structured campaigns, followed by effective hands on campaign management and regular reporting.

However we also understand that PPC now extends beyond Google Adwords or other search engines. For example we have innovated in the use of pay per click advertising on social media, native ads, Gmail and YouTube as well as pioneering the use of remarketing campaigns.

display advertising

Online advertising in the form of display adverts or banner ads can raise awareness of your brand amongst your online audience.

There is also evidence to suggest that this raised brand awareness can then have a positive impact upon response rates from other digital channels such as organic search and pay per click.

Display advertising campaigns can be researched and planned to appear on third party content networks such as the Google Display Network, displaying key brand and marketing messages.

google shopping ads

Google Shopping Ads can be very effective for e-commerce platforms – in most cases we’ve seen them perform at much higher conversion rates than traditional Search advertising!

Utilising our Development team’s expertise in Product Data Feed Management, our PPC Specialists are able to quickly set up Shopping Ad campaigns and optimise them to get your products seen by the right people.

Many believe that you can’t do much to optimise Shopping Ads as they’re informed by your websites product list… But we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that have worked very well for our clients.

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