social media strategy

Creating a social media campaign strategy will help you identify and achieve your social media goals with success.

The right social media strategy will help simplify the planning and creation of content and ensure you are using the most appropriate social media channels to reach the right people at the right time of day or year.

Our team have experience across all existing and emerging social channels and can provide expert social media consultancy to help increase your brand awareness, build loyalty or engage with your audience.

social media management

Managing social channels across your audiences can sometimes be a daunting task knowing where to start, who to target and when to post.

Managing your brand's social channels is the art of ensuring your brand's messaging is reaching the right people at the right time to be effective and provide ROI.

Our team manage social media with ease using the latest digital technologies to ensure that your brand is always at the forefront of any trend and reaching the widest audience possible.

social ppc advertising

The latest generation of PPC advertising platforms on social media networks such as Twitter Ads or Facebook Ads offer a range of benefits.

Social PPC campaigns can be used to increase social followings, improve conversions from previous site visitors using remarketing, or reach new audiences of potential users based on their demographics or interests.

We can analyse your audience and objectives to recommend an appropriate social PPC strategy designed to appeal to your potential customers.

who should consider marketing with social ppc?

Social PPC should ideally be focused on those marketing B2C rather than B2B, although the latter is possible.

As Social excels at targeting specific demographics on their platforms in a strong way, you should consider social ppc if you have a strong idea of who your audience is, if you have an e-mail list of existing customers (to help create lookalikes), or if you have an established presence and wish to engage in an integrated multichannel marketing strategy.

how can I start marketing with social ppc effectively?

Sagittarius has been working with social media for many years and as popularity grew, we have gained a great deal of experience in this field with our clients.

Find out how our experts can help you optimise your social media strategy today!

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