the social landscape

There are a wealth of advertising platforms on social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and they offer a range of benefits, as well as pitfalls…

Social PPC campaigns can be used to increase social followings, improve conversions from previous site visitors using remarketing, or reach new audiences of potential users based on their demographics or interests.

Each platform offers something unique for marketers.

social successes we've seen

In the simplest terms, programmatic advertising is an advertising campaign managed almost entirely by A.I., otherwise known as “machine learning”.

By telling the machine which pages, buttons or actions are most valuable on your site, it will start showing ads to users en masse, recognise which factors (time, placement, demographics etc) lead to the most valuable engagements, then gradually optimise to only show your ads in the best situation.

Programmatic - A Marketers Guide: Part One

Programmatic - A Marketers Guide: Part Two

who should consider marketing with social ppc?

Social ppc should ideally be focused on those marketing B2C rather than B2B, although the latter is possible.

As social ppc excels at targeting specific demographics on their platforms in a strong way, you should consider social ppc if you have a strong idea of who your audience is, if you have an e-mail list of existing customers (to help create lookalikes), or if you have an established presence and wish to engage in multi-channel marketing.

how can I start marketing with social ppc effectively?

Sagittarius have been working with social media for many years, and as its gained in popularity, we’ve had a great deal of experience in social ppc with our clients.

We can help you understand the best objectives for social ppc, and make sure your message gets seen by the right people, at the right time.

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19 February 2018

Agency CEO Paul Stephen Shortlisted as Agency Professional of the Year

We're very proud of CEO Paul for being shortlisted in the Travel Marketing Awards!


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