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We’ve seen marketers talk about “the year of video” for… a few years, at least. But the truth is that video has always been a great source of engagement, and one of the finest platforms for content delivery.

what makes YouTube advertising special?

YouTube advertising is accessible by anyone with a Google AdWords account, however many marketers are still learning when it comes to best practices, and properly taking advantage of the medium.

YouTube advertising is not the same as TV advertising and rewards creativity.

So, what do we mean by taking advantage of the medium? See the example on how Comedy Central marketed their new Daily Show host. 

check out comedy central's award-winning campaign

who should consider advertising on YouTube?

YouTube advertising can be very valuable, but it should be approached properly and by the right brands.

Video advertising typically performs better than traditional Display advertising for raising brand awareness, telling your story with engaging content, and spreading the word of any fantastic offers you might have. Any business who feels that their brand presence could be stronger should definitely consider YouTube advertising.

Brand awareness is a tricky thing to measure, but we’re able to provide our clients with Brand Lift reports that accurately identify how your efforts with YouTube have raised people’s knowledge of your business.

technical ability & strategy

We are proud to be a long-time Google Partner, and especially proud that several members of our staff have not only passed the AdWords Video Advertising exam, but have also been trained as specialist Video Experts by Google.

This ensures that brands working with us are taking advantage of in-depth insights on video advertising strategy.

start effectively advertising on YouTube today

At Sagittarius, we've been working with Google advertising for year and since 2015 we've been introducing more and more of our clients to YouTube advertising.

Our experts can help you to understand the best objectives for your adverts to ensure the right message is seen by the right audience at the right time. 

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