enhancing the user experience

Sitecore commerce allows you to customise each interaction with a customer, based on data you have already stored about them, including previous visits, purchases and interactions helping to progressively personalise their experience.

 As customers navigate across devices, Sitecore is able to recognise this change and automatically adjusts each interaction to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

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delivering personalised content

Sitecore stores information on every customer that visits your website or interacts with your brand. Whether this is through your store, direct mail, email, catalogues or social media; ensuring you have access to an up-to-date profile that tracks cross-channel history.

This functionality means that marketers can manage the full customer lifecycle, drive lifetime customer value and respond in real-time with personalised content making cross-selling and upselling easier than ever before.

omnichannel retailing

Sitecore is an integrated omnichannel solution that extends the customer commerce experience back to retail stores, allowing retailers to offer a consistent experience across all customer interactions from web and email to social and print.

all under one roof

Sitecore commerce integrates with the Sitecore Experience Platform providing a secure, enterprise-level content management system that includes a personalised commerce solution.

With Sitecore, you can effortlessly understand which customer journeys and upsell cycles work most effectively as well as troubleshooting cart abandonment. Personalisation means that you can nurture customers and target those that are ready to buy ensuring that your next interaction is both relevant and valuable to the consumer to help boost sales and ROI.

trusted & trained

As one of only a few accredited agencies in the UK, Sagittarius is expertly positioned and trained to deliver Sitecore Commerce solutions to your business. 

If you would like to learn more about how Sagittarius can help your business with Sitecore Commerce solutions complete the below form and we will call you straight back, we would love to hear from you!

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