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Whether your target audience is private patients, gym members, or to raise awareness for your charity or brand your online digital objective is the same - to sell your products and services online.

As an agency with a wide range of healthcare and wellbeing clients we understand this and so we've put together this tool as a way for you to think about your objectives and how you can achieve them.

To start with we'll ask you a few simple questions and work out a basic model based on visitor traffic and conversion.

We'll highlight what you need to be aiming for and give you some ideas on how to get there.

Tell us about yourself and your objectives

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So the figures look like this, you're currently selling £100000 per month (based on monthly sales multiplied by average order value) and we need to achieve £100000 per month . Let's look at the visitor and conversion scenarios to see how these need to change:

  • or

Your monthly target is £100000 but you've told us you're already doing £100000 based on your average monthly sales () and your average order value ().

Perhaps you need to take another look at your numbers or maybe you're doing better than you think? Please click 'Edit Numbers' and try again.

  • Monthly revenue target
  • Number of baskets needed per month 1000

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