Sagittarius has over 30 years' experience of creative design, something that's highly valued by our national and international brands. Big or small we say 'bring it on'!

We thrive on creative challenges and translate that passion and expertise into delivering marketing collateral that works both offline and online. From idea generation, concept design and art direction through to execution, we thrive on project managing fully integrated marketing campaigns.

Our holistic approach will also combine thoughtful editorial and print management. With our hands-on professional expertise, we'll guarantee a consistent, creative look and feel that will help generate more leads and visitors and boost your bottom line.

user experience

User Experience (UX) Planning is the art and science of creating user experiences based on research, profiling and use case development.

At Sagittarius we take a holistic approach to website development focusing not on just the technical side or just the search engine optimisation side as having a well functioning and highly visible website are just two parts of a larger equation.


Latest News

23 April 2018

Manual vs Automation Testing

Hear from our QA expert, Dawn about the differences between manual and automation testing!


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