sitecore 9 features & functionality

Are you an existing Sitecore customer looking to upgrade to Sitecore 9? Or a business looking to replatform to the world's leading enterprise platform?

Sitecore XP 9 is billed as the single largest wave of innovation ever released so we've explored the features and functionalities to provide you with the primary benefits of choosing or upgrading to the latest version of the platform. 

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our sitecore experience awards

On the 7th March 2017, Sagittarius and client FirstPort Property Services were crowned winners of the Sitecore Experience Award for Omnichannel Automation: Real-time engagement!

The Real-time Engagement award recognises marketing teams that are successfully delivering relevant, personalised, omni-channel content, in context and at the moment of engagement. This year’s winner FirstPort Property Services, illustrated the customer journey, showed content tailored to the customer and the channel, delivered in context. Judges also noted the evidence of engagement scoring, multi-variant testing, and other marketing automation functionalities in play.

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sagittarius & sitecore

Sagittarius is the UK's leading Sitecore development partner, empowering brands to make the most of the worlds most powerful customer management tool, turning digital strangers in delighted customers, enabling richer personalised online experiences.

As an experienced and certified Sitecore solutions partner we will guide your business through every step of the process, providing expert advice at every stage of your Sitecore journey.

Whether you are new to Sitecore or looking for a partner to provide solutions to your existing development, we are expertly positioned to provide you with the expertise required to deliver real ROI from your Sitecore platform.

our sitecore clients

We pride ourselves on delivering best in class Sitecore solutions that fully leverage the platform and have an extensive ever growing number of clients using Sitecore and its features.

By working with Sagittarius you can be assured that you can achieve digital transformation and performance success.

personalisation & segmentation

Here at Sagittarius we practice strategic marketing and our approach to development is led by delivering ROI from highly developed conversion rate optimised solutions.

As personalisation becomes a must in todays digital landscape, you can be assured that Sagittarius can help you deliver personalised experiences to your customers and Sitecore will deliver the enterprise solution platform that delights customers and delivers results.

Our proven expertise in personas, profiling and segmentation with Sitecore means we can translate who your target audience is, what their interests are and what influences their buying decisions with personalised experiences that convert.

With 59% of marketers advising the ability to personalise was fundamental to their online strategy, it’s never been a better time to personlise your brand experiences.

Source: Econsultancy Digital Trends in the Travel and Hospitality Sector Jan 16

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Sitecore Business Optimisation Services (SBOS)

Need help to get more from your Sitecore website? We can help.

Through workshops and training we work with clients to unlock the power of the Sitecore platform.

We provide a wide variety of Sitecore consultancy as part of our overall Sitecore Development services but also offer the following pre-defined packages for existing Sitecore customers.

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sitecore experience commerce

Sitecore Experience Commerce is the ultimate ecommerce solution that brings enterprise level capabilities to the market leading experience platform. New features make personalisation easier than ever meaning you can make each interaction both purposeful and unique.

With Sitecore Experience Commerce you can easily understand customer journeys and upsell cycles allowing you to put the right content in front of your visitors at the right time to boost conversions and increase sales.

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The agency has a strong relationship with Sitecore and is a certified partner agency with UK based Sitecore trained developers employed within the agency.

We have frequently invited to speak at Sitecore client and supplier events on our experience and successes in Sitecore development and have also received recognition as Sitecore Site of the Year Winners and Sitecore partner of the month.

leaders in development

We are recognised by Sitecore to be a leading development agency in our field and are a certified Gold Implementation Partner.

We take pride in every digital transformation project we undertake. Focusing on creating the right customer journey - from search through to relevant site content, full optimisation, testing and delivery projects, we have a strong track record building multi-channel online marketing programmes, for national and international brands.


In March 2017 Sagittarius were awarded the Sitecore Experience Award for Omnichannel Automation: Real Time Engagement with client FirstPort and in 2014 were awarded the highest possible accolade of Overall Winner of the Sitecore Experience Awards 2014 - a grand prix prize awarded to the most effective Sitecore partner agency.

Recent Sitecore development projects from the team at Sagittarius that have seen award-winning recognition include:

  • 2016 Sitecore Experience Awards Winner - Omnichannel Automation: Real Time Engagement FirstPort
  • 2016 Travel Marketing Awards Winner, Best Website Microsite Journey Latin America
  • 2016 UK Digital Experience Awards, Hospitality, Leisure Category for Journey Latin America
  • 2016 Travolution Awards, Best Website User Experience Category for Journey Latin America
  • 2016 Negotiator Awards, Website of the Year Category for Firstport
    2014 Sitecore Experience Awards Winner: Best Site Overall Winner (Grand Prix) for Skiweekends
  • 2014 Sitecore Experience Awards - Winner Best Travel and Hospitality Website for Skiweekends

Head over to our awards page here and check out our most recent accolades! 

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what others say...

"Sagittarius have shown outstanding commitment to Sitecore since joining the partner programme in 2012. They are over and above one of our top active partners in the UK and are leading the way in not only Sitecore development but in utilisation of the DMS and personalisation features available within the platform”.

Stuart Castle
Digital Engagement Specialist, Sitecore


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23 April 2018

Manual vs Automation Testing

Hear from our QA expert, Dawn about the differences between manual and automation testing!


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