helping you to align Sitecore marketing goals with your business objectives

Duration: This is a 3-day workshop (usually spread over a few weeks) delivered on-site with your team (recommended for up to 6 people).

Overview: This process is designed for Marketing, Sales and Analyst personnel who are about to start their Sitecore build or want to re-visit the personalisation and optimisation possibilities for their existing Sitecore website.

Developed in conjunction with Sitecore, it is an express version of Sitecore’s own SBOS process to get clients up and running quickly and efficiently with the concepts, core principles and functionality of xDB and the CXP.

a proven process

The process is run over a number of sessions, as follows:

Session 1: Goals and Engagement Value Definition and Engagement Overview
This is a full day session, exploring everything to do with Goals, engagement value and engagement planning within Sitecore. It includes a DMS demo, theoretical overview and lots of workshop time, involving you directly in establishing goals, scoring them and then reviewing your own digital marketing strategy and implementation.

Session 2: Profiles and Personas
This is a full day session covering the theory and practical implementation of Profiles and Personas in Sitecore. This includes workshop sessions to define Profiles, Keys and Profile Cards and then goes on to show how these are implemented in Sitecore and used in personalisation.

Session 3: Personalisation for Launch
This is a full day workshop that covers the theory of personalisation and how it can be used to add value to the organisation. The core of the session is working through actual UX wireframes or designs and looking for personalisation opportunities. You will then be introduced to a framework that then assesses these to ensure that they will be worth the effort and deliver real value and ROI.

what's included?

Following each session Sagittarius will then produce a summary output and developments that can be implemented within the clients Sitecore platform (please note, this will likely require development time for some goals and for all outcomes).

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