will you need to do any development?

Not usually. In order to carry out our SBOS consultancy and training services we would normally only need access to the Sitecore CMS.

The workshops will often make recommendations that will require some level of development but this can be carried out by your existing development team or we will be happy to quote for the work separately.

what if we want to continue to work with our existing Sitecore partner or our in-house development team?

That is absolutely fine. Our consultancy can be delivered with or without their involvement. If as a result of the consultancy we identify issues that require development then this can be carried out by them (see above).

what version of Sitecore is this for?

Our courses are generally aimed at versions 7 and 8 of Sitecore but are also applicable to version 6. Version 8 (or later) has more features than earlier versions so the possibilities are greater. However, some of these later features can be retro-fitted to earlier versions and we can identify where this is possible as part of the consultancy.

On-site training assumes it is delivered in the south-east of the UK. Travel may be charged extra. Workshops can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.

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