what is digital transformation

Digital transformation encompasses much more than using the latest website platform or digital marketing channel such as search or social. It’s a business strategy that includes every element of your company, from operations to finance, customer service to marketing, in an attempt to make ‘doing business’ easier for your customers.

In short, digital transformation is the process of literally transforming the way you do business by taking advantage of digital platforms and technologies to make business quicker and more seamless.


Each department's efficiency can be enhanced through a digital transformation journey in an aim to improve workflow and customer service.

Digital transformation looks different for all departments, for customer service it might be developing an app that allows customers to access information easily such as their orders, their information, FAQs and forums, anything that reduces the need to call therefore reducing the department's workload.

Whilst for accounts it might be introducing more advanced payment methods such as apple and android pay.

omnichannel strategy

Omnichannel refers to the provision of a consistent, seamless customer experience across platforms and channels whereby the device recognises the customer and links each brand interaction together to build a unique profile. Whether a customer visits a retail store, receives an email or makes an ecommerce purchase, they are identified at every step of their interaction with a brand.

You can kick start your journey toward omnichannel by completing the free NBI online assessment which grades your company against 6 key areas to help you understand how you’re currently performing, this questionnaire takes around 30 minutes to complete and we’ll send you an in depth report afterwards!

the benefits

Digital transformation has the ability to provide the following benefits to a business:

  • Transform complex/ time consuming offline process into simple digital user journeys
  • Provision of self-serving online portals to improve ease of access a support
  • Mobile technology improves the efficiency between multi-site or multi-store locations
  • Improves customer service and leverages new marketing opportunities
  • The ability to personalise customer experiences across channels, devices and platforms; creating a seamless user journeys
  • Channel shift audiences from offline to digital platforms to improve the speed of response, reduce costs and make communication more cost effective


what we do

Your organisation might have already commenced its digital transformation journey or may have an appetite to begin. You may have appointed a digital advocate internally with C-Suite backing for digital transformation. In either case you need the benefits of our expertise.

We recently worked with client, FirstPort to implement a strategic digital transformation project. We designed and developed a new website with key user journeys identified, tailored content to these visitors which was then integrated with the brand’s martech stack; it’s CRM and marketing platform.

work with us

At Sagittarius, we can provide an experienced pair of hands to help you begin or progress your digital transformation journey towards delivering a truly omnichannel customer experience. This could be achieved through our digital strategy consultants providing:

  • audits of your current situation via a discovery phase
  • identification of opportunities through workshop programmes to bring together key internal stakeholders
  • implementation of integration projects between platforms

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