4 Simple Ways ChatGPT Can Be Used To Increase Productivity in UX

18 April 2023

By: Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, UX Consultant

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Have you ever wondered how you could use large language models to streamline your process as a UX designer? Have you ever thought about using large language models like Chat GPT to enhance your workflow? In this blog post, we’ll explore how you can use Chat GPT to improve your productivity and create more elegant designs.

But first, let’s talk about what Chat GPT is and its limitations. Chat GPT is a large language model that retrieves compressed information from a server using a lossy algorithm. Imagine Chat GPT as if it were a JPEG image. It captures some of the information from the high-resolution original but not all of it. However, it does so in a way that is not easily detectable. While Chat GPT can retrieve a fragment of information from the web and present it in a convincing conversation format, it’s important to note that not all the information it presents is accurate.

How can we use Chat GPT to enhance our UX processes? Here are a few ways:

1. Summarize Data and Draw Conclusions

With Chat GPT, you can analyse and summarise your research data and draw conclusions. Type in your research findings and ask Chat GPT to summarise them for you. This tool can easily configure the information and summarise long unstructured data. However, remember that your summary’s accuracy will mostly depend on the quality and accuracy of the data inputs you provide. Basically, the better your data the better the results.

An example of Summarising Data and Draw Conclusions using ChatGPT

2. Say Goodbye to Lorem Ipsum

Say goodbye to generic placeholder text with Chat GPT. This tool can produce grammatically correct and relevant content for your prototypes and wireframes, simulating a real copywriter. This can help engage your clients and users and keep them focused on the goals of the design. However, it’s important to note that Chat GPT cannot produce 100% accurate copies, so use this tool with care.

an example of using generic placeholder text with Chat GPT

3. Create User Personas Based on Your Research

Chat GPT can help you create user personas based on your research findings. Simply provide Chat GPT with your research data or a link to a Google doc that holds your research. This tool can read the data and answer questions or create summaries based on them. By giving Chat GPT the correct prompts, you can create an initial high-level persona that hits the correct points and highlights from your research.

example of giving Chat GPT the correct prompts to create an initial high-level persona that hits the correct points and highlights from your research.

4. Produce Sample User Flows

Maximise your productivity and kick off your next UX product with quick sample flows. Provide Chat GPT with a good amount of data and ask it to produce a user flow. Chat GPT will produce a sample user flow based on the data you provided. While it may not be 100% accurate, it can serve as a starting point to explore different solutions.

In conclusion, Chat GPT can be a valuable tool for UX designers looking to streamline their design process. By utilising its capabilities to summarise data, produce relevant content, create user personas, and produce sample user flows, designers can enhance their productivity and produce more elegant designs.

An example of using Chat GPT to produce a sample user flow based on the data you provided

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