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8 May 2024

By: Sinead Hammond

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Sitecore is an enterprise-level DXP platform that operates on a fee-based model, but navigating Sitecore pricing and the tools you may need can prove challenging. 

Due to the various licensing models, deployment options, and add-ons available, Sitecore costs vary greatly. A large multinational conglomerate has different needs compared with an organisation serving a small, localised market. 

When considering the investment, organisations need to think about their business goals and objectives, plus any additional support they may need. Working with a Sitecore agency is the best way to get an accurate quote because no two projects or strategies are the same. 

The Basics of Sitecore Pricing

This robust and adaptable digital experience platform is utilised by businesses globally. 

But how Sitecore Pricing depends on several factors. 

  1. Site Visits: The volume of unique website sessions can impact your Sitecore expenses. This ensures that costs scale following platform activity and success. 
  2. Domains: The number of domains allowed depends on whether you are using XP or XM Cloud. This can impact your Sitecore costs. 
  3. Users: Pricing can be influenced by the number of users and developers accessing the Sitecore platform at the same time. For example, a global enterprise-level organisation team may require more users to manage campaigns compared to a smaller, localised organisation.
  4. Production environments: Before a site goes live, it’s important to test how components will work in non-production environments before it goes live. The number of production and non-production environments can affect Sitecore costs.
  5. Add-on products: Additional systems integrated with Sitecore’s Experience Platform or Experience Manager, such as Sitecore OrderCloud and Content Hub, will also affect pricing. These products offer extra functionality which can help users create more exciting experiences:
  • Sitecore Content Hub is a digital asset management system which adds value by bringing all your marketing content under one roof.
  • Sitecore OrderCloud enables personalised commerce experiences by integrating data, content, and commerce functionalities, streamlining order processing and management
  • Sitecore Search is an AI-driven, headless content discovery platform that lets you create predictive and personalised search experiences across multiple content sources.
  • Sitecore Connect is a tool that allows businesses to seamlessly integrate with tools in their Sitecore ecosystem and a number of other digital tools and platforms

Agency Support Affects Sitecore Pricing: 

Keeping your site running smoothly requires ongoing maintenance.  The cost depends on the level of customisation, development, and support you need. For example, round-the-clock support comes with a premium. Finding Sitecore partners who understand your goals not only helps ensure you get the right support but also gives you access to expertise so your maximise your ROI. You can also get help from Sitecore with either standard or premium support packages.


Integrating Sitecore with other third party tools or building custom features adds complexity and cost. Organisations should consider their day to day business operations and how Sitecore fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Content Migration: 

Moving content from old systems to Sitecore can be time-consuming, especially for large amounts of data. It’s also important that when you move your content from one site to another, you preserve any SEO efforts and minimise disruption for users. This impacts the overall cost.

Infrastructure Costs: 

The number of websites involved also significantly influences costs. Enterprises managing multiple websites across various regions and languages typically face higher implementation expenses compared to smaller-scale projects focused on a single website.

The infrastructure required to host and manage the Sitecore implementation is another cost consideration. If your internal IT team has the technical expertise to handle this infrastructure, this may be less of an issue. However, if agency support or additional resources are necessary to build and manage the infrastructure, expenses can escalate accordingly. These should be weighed up against the overall value and return on investment from choosing a leading platform like Sitecore. 


To get the most out of your Sitecore investment it is a good idea to do some training with your marketing and developer team This training can come at an additional cost, particularly for customised training programs. While there’s an upfront cost for Sitecore training, it empowers your team to manage the system internally over time. This can significantly reduce your reliance on external support, saving you money in the long run.. Our Sitecore Academy is a great way to access bespoke training for your Sitecore implementation so you know exactly how to get the most out of it in your organisation.

How Sitecore Can Add Value For Your Business:

  • Increase sales and conversions: By personalising the customer experience, Sitecore DXP can help businesses increase sales and conversions.
  • Improve customer loyalty: By delivering a consistent and positive brand experience, investing in Sitecore can help your businesses improve customer loyalty.
  • Reduce marketing costs: By streamlining marketing efforts across different channels, Sitecore can help reduce marketing costs.
  • Increase efficiency: Sitecore can automate many marketing tasks, which can help businesses save time and money.
  • Optimise digital marketing campaigns: Sitecore’s analytics and insights tools allow businesses to track and analyse campaign performance, enabling them to optimise strategies for better results and ROI.
  • Improve scalability: Sitecore’s flexible architecture and cloud-based solutions make it easy for businesses to scale their digital presence as their needs grow, without significant infrastructure investments.

Understand Sitecore Pricing With A Bespoke Quote For Your Organisation

The cost of Sitecore is unique to each organisation and requires a clear understanding of the business’s goals and objectives.

Sagittarius is a Platinum Sitecore partner and award-winning digital agency that helps brands create online experiences that convert. As one of the only pure-play Sitecore agencies in the world, we specialise in Sitecore as both a complete or composable DXP platform. With our own Sitecore Optimisation Consultancy and training academy, our agency is built to help you get the most out of your Sitecore investment so your brand can excel in a digitally driven world.  

With experience in multiple sectors and success in delivering hundreds of ambitious projects, Sagittarius has the experience and in-depth knowledge to successfully collaborate with your organisation and unlock its digital potential. Kickstart your digital transformation and unlock your potential with an award-winning Sitecore agency. Contact us today to get your bespoke Sitecore quote from our experts

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