6 Essential Steps When Getting Started with Composable DXP.

7 March 2023

By: Christine Bookless, Sitecore Optimisation Lead, Sitecore MVP

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Composable DXP, or Composable Digital Experience Platform, is the buzzword that we seem to be hearing more and more about these days, and for good reason. Below, we break down what it is and the six simple steps for getting started.

Why use Composable DXP?

It’s now a basic expectation that brands create a flawless experience for customers across all channels, and we expect brands to remember and predict our preferences, interests, likes, and dislikes. The omnichannel struggle is real, and brands need a unified and seamless approach that eliminates siloed user experiences.

A lot of businesses and their development teams can’t keep up with the requirements for optimisation needed to improve customer experience. It’s a vicious cycle in which brands are consistently one step behind when trying to deliver personalised customer experiences that convert.

Composable DXP is a newer concept that provides integrated, consistent solutions, that are modular, yet connect the gaps of the digital experience. Moving to a composable DXP enables companies to orchestrate great experiences and keep developers and digital teams focused on strategic differentiation and innovation to deliver greater value for their customers.

6 Key Steps of the composable journey

1. Adopt a composable mentality is key

It’s fundamental that brands and leaders embrace a composable frame of mind, getting on board with the modular philosophy and preparing for multiple possible futures. With this mentality, you are predicting what your business may need, which means you are more prepared.

2. Review your existing DX apps and tools

 Only fools rush in. Before further extending your DX apps and toolset, evaluate exactly what you have now. Then map out which ones you are already using, the functionality within them and what you are currently using them for. This will help a lot going forward and tell you a lot about your pre-existing customer journey.

3. Determine which steps need optimisation

Don’t try to do everything at once. Have a look at which steps or processes would be important to tackle first and start there, ensuring you remember that tackling one aspect at a time is all part of the composable journey.

4. Leverage and reuse existing DX apps, tools and processes

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. After you have defined the most important aspects to tackle first and you have an overview of your current DX apps and toolset, think about how the existing apps or parts of them can be reused to optimise processes and the customer journey.

5. Think about what can be automated

As the number of DX apps, tools and processes of a company grows, so does the time needed to invest in connecting them. By automating processes, you will free up time from development and digital teams to focus on strategic and innovative ways to improve the customer experience.

6. Choose the right DX apps and tools for the job

Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight – having the right applications and tools for the job is key. Delivering personalised omnichannel experiences at scale requires a unified and seamless approach to eliminate siloed user experiences and all-in-one solutions.

 Who is leading the pack for DX?

Sitecore is a leading provider of an end-to-end composable DXP.  Their offering includes best-in-breed DXP apps and tools, enabling clients to deliver composable solutions across content, experience, and commerce – a solution for any challenge brands might face.

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