AI in Digital Marketing

26 March 2024

By: Sagittarius

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More than 88% of brands use AI in Digital Marketing. The days of mass marketing blasts are fading faster than ever. Today’s consumers crave personalised experiences, and digital marketing needs to adapt. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is transforming the way we reach and engage audiences.

Many of our clients have been reaching out to understand more ways we can incorporate AI into their digital experiences. Mostly, they are looking for the speed and consistency the technology provides. 

We take a look at some of the examples of ways AI can be used in digital marketing, as well as examples of how we’ve worked with our clients to implement this. 

Optimising for Conversions (CRO) with AI in Digital Marketing:

Every click, scroll, and purchase tells a story. AI can analyse this customer journey data to identify friction points that hinder conversions. AI can continuously test variations and optimise your website for maximum conversions. Instead of taking manual time and resources to create A/B testing, AI can help to analyse vast amounts of data to automate testing. 

We use specialised tools to assess how users use either an entire site or just specific parts of the website. Our team collects a wealth of data via surveys, heat maps and recordings to understand how users interact with a website to identify specific places where we can maximise ROI. This is a core place where brands can use AI in digital marketing.

The Sagittarius team have been using AI in our work to implement more complex styling changes for A/B testing on a leading home and garden commerce client with great success.

Power of Personalisation:

Most people are already using some form of AI in digital marketing to help personalise the experience of their customers. For example, AI can help you analyse vast amounts of data and create segments of customers to target with different experiences. From purchase history, and website behaviour, to demographics, and even social media interactions, this information will help you create laser-focused buyer personas. This allows you to tailor your messaging, product recommendations, and even website layouts to individual preferences.

Our team are even experimenting with the AI practices used in our successful CRO projects to help build out personalisation concepts. This would be transformative for marketers and enable them to use tools, such as Sitecore Personalise with ease, which currently would require costly technical expertise to implement. 

Content Creation on Autopilot (Almost!):

Content editors can significantly improve their workflow by leveraging AI as a co-pilot. AI in digital marketing automates repetitive tasks like research and initial content drafting, freeing up editors to focus on the strategic aspects of content creation. It ensures brand voice consistency and adds that human touch that truly resonates with audiences. This translates to faster content creation cycles, allowing brands to stay agile and responsive. 

We worked with our client, a leading hospital and medical research centre, to build an AI tool that created content specific to their organisation. Our team gathered a large and relevant dataset that was highly aligned with the tone of voice, existing marketing collateral and other resources of the brand. This helps us to ensure the CustomGPT was aligned with the client. 

AI in digital marketing is an essential tool that teams need to understand to keep up with the vast amount of content needed. The good news is, it’s not here to replace marketers. Instead, it empowers us to work smarter, not harder. By leveraging AI for personalisation, CRO, and content creation, marketers can unlock a new level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Ready to embrace the future of marketing? We’re Sagittarius, a globally leading Sitecore Agency, contact us today to discover how you can implement AI into your digital marketing strategy. 

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