Generating leads and converting; how digital unlocks potential.

2 December 2021

By: Natalie Waite, Chief Experience Officer

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From the first primitive mud huts to the ancient pyramids of Egypt and beyond, the concept of ‘construction’ has been around for quite some time. The history of manufacturing is no different as the human race has been creating things to define the built environment from which the race has benefited for many years (now known as ‘building’).

At any given point, in some way, shape or some form, the agreement to create a build would have been granted, somehow paid for and ultimately delivered.

And so, fast forward. 2022.

Not much has changed. Essentially, generating leads to build stuff remains vital to the health of any construction and manufacturing business.

All construction and manufacturing businesses have customers they are looking to locate, please, hold onto, and build a business in partnership whether you are a brand-leading manufacturer, an installer-expert, or a stock-wielding merchant.

Our customers have their own customers; as they have theirs, and so on, ad infinitum. All customers are also not created equal; some will carry more influence and align much closer to the values and direction of your business than others.

To develop new business within the digital space in the Construction and Manufacturing industry, assuming you’re good at what you do and have determined your customer value proposition. The act of reaching out to new prospects may at times seem like a commercial minefield on which to tiptoe, to guess and perhaps endure.

 A connected digital strategy is ultimately essential to success. Joining the dots between social, online, and the database will make a positive difference, alongside bolting on the various third party lead gen specialists operating in the construction industry which flag new projects for commercial exploration (such as Glenigans and Barbour ABI, amongst others).

 Optimising your website to convert is a given. Creating content that draws in the right leads to the objective. Put effort into SEO. Use PPC and social media intuitively. And analyse your efforts and optimise for improved future lead generation.

 By default, omnichannel, cross-channel, and multi-channel digital touchpoints are essential to generating leads vital to any business’s health.

In a complex and crowded marketplace such as construction, sourcing high-quality leads that can convert to sales is a priority. Often, leads are lost to competitors, meaning conceded opportunity when a business fails to position itself as an expert.

In the field in a digital context. The higher priced the item or service, the more detailed and authoritative your business must appear but essentially coupled with the right digital experience.

 Generating leads is one thing. Converting is another.

 Every brand does what it does best, but with the support of the best and brightest digital experts, who will guide you to the next level and help you find the correct digital customers.

 Get the right platform for your business. Get the right digital partner for your business.

 As much as we may pretend to be a long way from those mud huts and pyramids of yesteryear, the concept of construction is very much alive and will always be the future, vital to our economy and here to develop the world for us.

 Building a new business with new customers through digital connection is now the standard. Step up to build or be stepped on.

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