Liontrust Wins "Best Website" at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023

20 July 2023

By: Tracy-Ann Lee, Marketing Manager

Category: News

Sagittarius, a leading digital agency, is proud to announce that their work with key client, Liontrust, an established, rapidly growing asset management organisation based in the UK, has been awarded the prestigious “Best Website” accolade at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023. The esteemed ceremony took place on July 7, 2023, in London.

Chief Executive at Sagittarius, Ian MacArthur commented,

“Liontrust’s “Best Website” win underscores its unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional digital experiences and sets a benchmark for excellence in the investment industry. This recognition further solidifies their position as a leading specialist fund management company and exemplifies a dedication to engaging customers through innovative digital strategies that all brands in the sector should aspire to.”


Concept & strategy:

Liontrust aimed to strengthen its market share and establish itself as a formidable challenger brand within the Financial Services Industry (FSI). With a strong vision to create a captivating digital experience that amplified their brand purpose, delivered exceptional on-site conversion, and drive sustainable growth. By enhancing and aligning its digital presence with its evolving business strategy, Liontrust sought to establish itself as a future-thinking and digitally disruptive force in the industry.

With industry-leading content and an appetite for truly personalised journeys, there was a clear opportunity to leverage their Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), specifically maximising onsite behavioural data, marketing categories, and offline relational data, to its maximum potential. This allows Liontrust to better engage with the clients and investors of today and prospects of tomorrow. 

Sagittarius completely overhauled Liontrust’s CX. The Sagittarius Experience consultants leveraged in-depth user and business research to drive key decisions and direction for the reimagined user experiences, drawing on the company’s legacy and ethos to truly bring the brand’s proposition to life.

The rich content on-site wasn’t being surfaced to the users as efficiently as possible. As part of an ambition to create truly bespoke journeys, Sagittarius conducted Business Optimisation Strategy Services (BOSS) workshops to redefine personalisation, allowing a tailored digital experience for the array of investors, shareholders, journalists and charity trustees that use the site. These sessions ultimately led to the creation of key flows used in real-world user testing to find pain points, a revised IA, and focused user journeys.

Although the content was a strength, a evolved user experience called for a refined strategy, in conjunction with stronger SEO performance. Key areas of the site were enhanced through keyword and competitor analysis to create content that not only stands out but speaks to any visitor regardless of their stage or experience in the investing world.

The reimagined experience also included a renewed Preference Centre, integrated in real-time with Salesforce, which allows users to update their website experience and email preferences. This data is used to deliver personalised experiences across the site, presenting hyper-relevant insights, industry news, and relevant information. Curation of Fund Dashboards was another pivotal change, offering investors real-time updates using APIs to access fund data. Sitecore personalises the content to cross-promote other relevant funds based on user preferences. 

Winning with Sitecore:

Built on Sitecore, the leading Digital Experience Platform, Sagittarius ensured Liontrust’s website offers a robust and personalised digital experience that converts. Leveraging Sitecore’s advanced capabilities, Sagittarius has been able to tailor the website based on user behaviours & preferences, driving engagement, loyalty, and business growth. 

Through this, Liontrust has been empowered to respond quickly to market changes by leveraging Sitecore’s content management system to simplify content updates. The platform’s analytics provide valuable insights, optimising digital strategies and delivering personalised experiences.

A distinguished panel of experts from the investment industry rigorously evaluated the entries and determined the winners. The judges sought award submissions with unique content concepts, brand missions, and ground-breaking strategies. All campaigns were required to demonstrate their impact, genuine return on investment, and customer engagement.

In a particularly challenging market environment in 2022, the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards recognised the individuals, teams, and leaders who delivered outstanding campaigns. Despite the demanding conditions, Liontrust showcased its commitment to excellence and innovation, standing out from its peers and earning the coveted “Best Website” title.

Examples of Liontrust's website on a mobile phone and a laptop

About Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is an award-winning digital agency and Sitecore Platinum Partner headquartered in London with offices across the UK, Middle East and North America. As a pure-play Sitecore agency, it specialises in helping brands successfully navigate your ever-changing technology landscape, modernise your online customer experience and create a tangible return on investment throughout your digital roadmap. The agency offers Sitecore Optimisation Consultancy and Enablement and a Sitecore Academy to empower your people. Sagittarius has become the go-to digital specialist in Financial and Professional Services for brands using Sitecore products in their technology stack.

About the award: 

The Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards celebrate excellence and innovation in the investment industry, recognising outstanding campaigns and strategies. The awards were open to global businesses and marketing agencies, with categories spanning marketing and proposition development, thought leadership, content marketing, and digital marketing.

Sagittarius, Liontrust’s digital agency partner specialising in the financial and professional services industry, was crucial in developing the award-winning Liontrust website. 

About Liontrust:

Liontrust is a London-headquartered specialist fund management company that takes pride in having a distinct culture and approach to running money. The company launched in 1995 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 1999.  Liontrust has enjoyed rapid growth over the past few years, with their assets under management and advice (AuMA) growing from £1billion to £33.5 billion within the last 13 years.


The Liontrust team with their "Best Website" award at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023

The Liontrust team with their “Best Website” award at the Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 2023


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