Marketing for travel brands in 2024

31 January 2024

By: Sinead Hammond

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The travel industry is regaining pace in 2024 and travellers are even more eager to get away. Travel and airline digital transformation is at an all-time high, with brands looking for better ways to reach their audience at the right time, whilst keeping costs low. How is marketing for travel brands changing this year? 

We know that incorporating cutting-edge technologies and strategic digital marketing techniques is essential for attracting, converting and retaining customers. Our team delve into the multifaceted approach of leveraging new technology to drive traffic to your travel website.

AI/ML and its possibilities:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) continue to revolutionise marketing for travel. Predictive analysis allows travel brands to anticipate customer behaviour, facilitating personalised offerings. Mass personalisation, powered by ML algorithms, tailors user experiences to individual preferences, enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Customers can choose to use AI to help plan and even book their next getaway. Brands are already incorporating additional onsite features to make discovering new destinations even easier. Generative AI and automated content creation can continue to help brands create a constant flow of engaging and relevant content, keeping your audience captivated.

Marketing for Travel

SEO and the Power of the Search Bar:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains the bedrock of online visibility. Understanding keywords and search terms is crucial for capturing potential customers during their intent-driven searches. But search is no longer limited to Google. According to Sam Torres at Gray Dot Company, “As users increasingly turn to alternative platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, and even Reddit for answers and inspiration, the scope of search marketing is set to expand.” 

Invest time in comprehensive keyword research across multiple platforms to align your content with the queries of your target audience. Optimising your website’s structure, meta tags, and content for search engines can significantly improve your ranking and increase organic traffic.

Social Media as a Dynamic Tool:

Social media is a powerhouse for travel brands, offering a platform for updates, entertainment, revenue generation, traffic driving, and community building. Storytelling continues to win as the most effective way of engaging an audience when brands are marketing for travel, but creators are becoming more and more creative with their ideas. TikTok’s trend report revealed “storytelling unhinged” as a predicted trend for 2024, explaining how content now has multiple arcs. 

Take time to research trends and craft compelling content that entertains and connects with your audience, incorporating videos, and user-generated content for the best results. 

Digital Ads for Targeted Reach:

Ad spending is predicted to grow again in 2024, after a more cautious 2023. Finance is still a concern amidst the cost of living crisis, yet travellers are still keen to get away from it all and immerse themselves in something unique. Play into travel trends with your copy and content, ensuring you have designated landing pages for each pain point. 

For example, customers are looking for affordable luxury in 2024, so ensure this point is clear from your ad headline right through to your landing page CTA. Play around with locations to see what is being searched for a different times and in different places. Most importantly, ensure you are building out a comprehensive retargeting campaign for every ad to make the most of every click in your marketing for travel customers. To help with this, find out more about our experience optimisation services here.

Immersive Experiences to Captivate Audiences:

As well as beautiful travel web page design, immersive experiences, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), provide a unique opportunity to transport users into the heart of your travel destinations. Create virtual tours, 360-degree videos, or AR applications that allow users to visualise and experience destinations before making a booking. Immersive experiences not only captivate audiences but also set your travel brand apart from competitors. Marketing for travel can be fun, and innovative and inspire your audiences.

Marketing for Travel

Influencers, the Authentic Advocates for Your Brand:

Influencer marketing is still incredibly important, particularly in the travel sphere. Roughly 85% of adults say they have taken a recommendation from a travel influencer in the United States. Explorers want to get a flavour of a place before they arrive and look to influencers to get ideas for destinations and activities while they’re away. Influencers bring authenticity and trust, making your travel brand more relatable. Partner with influencers who have a genuine connection with your target audience and let them share their travel experiences through your platform.

Web3: The Future Frontier:

As we move into the future, the emergence of Web3 technologies, including blockchain and decentralised platforms, presents new opportunities for travel brands. Explore ways to integrate blockchain for transparent and secure transactions. Consider participating in decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) to involve the community in decision-making. Embrace the possibilities of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for unique digital assets related to travel experiences.

Final thoughts:

A holistic approach that combines AI/ML, SEO, social media, digital ads, immersive experiences, influencers, and an understanding of Web3 is essential when marketing for travel. By staying ahead of technological trends and continuously refining your digital strategy, you can navigate the digital highway to attract and retain a loyal audience for your travel website.

Ready to embrace innovation, leverage the power of data, and create memorable experiences to drive sustained traffic and success for your travel brand? Our team have over 20 years experience in helping travel brands do just that. We’er a Sitecore Agency who work with world-leading technology to build travel experiences that convert. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with all things digital to set you apart from your competitors.

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