Sagittarius redesigns the digital experience for “Rolls Royce of movie lenses” brand Cooke Optics.

21 June 2022

By: Sagittarius

Category: News

In the wake of prestigious film festivals and glamorous Hollywood award ceremonies – Sagittarius announce the new fresh image and experience for Academy Award-winning Cooke Optics.

Cooke Optics partnered with Sagittarius to redefine and reinvigorate the brand image: retaining its clear, recognised premium positioning, built upon a heritage of quality and craftsmanship, whilst bringing it into the 21st century through greater emphasis on innovation and technology.

The brand felt that competitors had increased their share of voice despite Cooke Optics being known as “Rolls Royce of lenses”. For a company whose success is built on the quality of the imagery from these manufactured lenses, the marketing needed to match. The partnership between Sagittarius and Cooke Optics would provide long-term support for the brand, scalability to maximise ROI and add value for wider innovation and expertise.

Cooke Optics has been a manufacturer of cinematic lenses for over 100 years and is recognised by filmmakers and the cinema industry for its premium quality, state-of-the-art technology and craftsmanship.

The project included a new look and feel of the current website to reflect its “Rolls Royce” positioning in the industry. The design included high-quality imagery to match the picture quality provided by the Cooke Optics lenses. Cooke Look shows this picture quality in the catalogue for cinematographers to choose their lenses, also representing the high-quality imagery.

Initially, Cooke Optics had separate sites for Cooke TV and ShotOnCooke. This made no sense from a UX perspective; it was simply driving customers away from the brand itself. Sagittarius integrated these websites onto the main site to include clear and more direct messaging while retaining respective pages’ expectations.

Sagittarius also combined the Cooke Americas’ site, to Cooke Optics’ main site. Customers felt Cooke had been hiding its lenses from the market, so Sagittarius designed a Rent or Buy interactive map to allow users to find suppliers worldwide easily.

Ian MacArthur, CEO at Sagittarius, commented, “I talk about Cooke Optics with a real passion – it’s an extraordinary brand and organisation with an enviable story and product range. Our role at Sagittarius was to blow away the dust of the last century and expose the brand for what it truly is – through a sharper strategy, greater digital experience and a step-change in their marketing to ensure its existing and future customers can feel better connected to the product range and what it stands for. The first tangible assets of this new approach are targeted digital adverts and the first iteration of their immersive website and we are very proud to put a marker on the ground as they begin their journey of connecting off and online experiences and cementing the future of Cooke into the next century.”

Tim Pugh, Chief Executive Officer at Cooke Optics added I’m thrilled with the redesign of our website. The Cooke brand now presents itself in an exciting way that reflects the modern business. By incorporating all websites clearly in one area, the customer can now experience our lenses off and online. I’m super pleased our Rent or Buy integration is in place, finally our customers are no longer hidden from our quality products. In working with Sagittarius, we can better represent Cooke to the world — with a clear, recognised premium position, built upon a heritage of quality and craftsmanship, but with a modern look that reinforces the value we bring to our customers. 

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