Sitecore Content Hub ONE: Streamlined Content Management in Three Pillars

7 February 2023

By: Robert McGovern, Sitecore Optimization Consultant

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Content, content, content. Everywhere you look organisations are talking about content. How to create it. And how to get it in front of the people who matter.

Whether it’s on websites, emails, apps, point of sale, voice assistants, kiosks, you name it, we are swimming in the stuff.

But it’s never been harder to manage. 

Getting your content to where it needs to be is one of the primary challenges of organisations today, especially considering the amount of different channels that are in play.

There are a whole bunch of tools out there that let marketers manage their content, but it’s all a bit of a minefield.

Content Hub ONE is a new tool from Sitecore, announced at Sitecore Symposium last October, that aims to make managing content a whole lot easier and give organisations more options with how to manage the content that they have.

What is Content Hub ONE?

Content Hub ONE is a pure play, headless CMS that makes managing and serving content easy across any touchpoint with an agile omnichannel approach.

The SaaS tool offers an easy-to-use interface for content modellers and authors to create content, as well as simple APIs for developers to deliver it across a multitude of channels and make sure that it is consistent.

The tool is built with modular content in mind, doing away with the static page creation that you might expect from traditional CMSs that tie content down to specific pages.

With Content Hub ONE, content is headless and can be used and re-used wherever and whenever the organisation wants. It can be spun up and edited rapidly and reused efficiently across various touch points.

Basically, Content Hub ONE lets you easily structure, create, and deliver your content in a dynamic way wherever it needs to be, not just on static pages and channels.

In an increasingly complex content management landscape, it is a huge benefit to be able to create, deliver, update and reuse content in such a scalable way.

It’s also got a slick dashboard and user interface providing a simple and intuitive content creation experience for marketers and other content creators to get on with the job.

The Three Pillars

Conceptually, it’s helpful to think of Content Hub ONE as covering three distinct areas.

  • Content Structure

How content is set up from an information point of view. What data points are attributed to which content types and how it all fits together. Content that is to be utilised across channels and devices must be consistent and ready to utilise. This is where the Content Modeller comes in. A Content Modeller determines the structure of the content and configures the content types within the system itself so that a content author can focus on the content creation.

  • Content Creation

Once the Content Types and Items have been created by the Content Modeller, a Content Author can go in and write the content effortlessly using the pre-set templates and conditions that have been created. This means that a non-technical user can use the system without worrying about creating something that doesn’t fit in with the wider vision.

  • Content Delivery 

Once the content structure has been set, and the content itself has been created, then the Developers can deploy that content to the most appropriate touch point. Content Hub ONE is language and framework agnostic which enables developers to leverage a rich set of SDKs and APIs supporting popular front-end frameworks.

This structure allows each business user to focus on creating impactful content while the developers build engaging experiences to serve the content.

With Content Hub ONE, organisations can begin small with an agile CMS, moving away from static content creation and consider how it can be utilised across channels in a consistent way.

They can get even more adventurous by combining additional composable tools like Content Hub DAM or Content Operations to further streamline their asset and content management. Or they can utilise Sitecore XM Cloud to enhance the web experience and personalization capabilities, Sitecore Send for marketing automation, or Sitecore CDP & Personalize for taking their customer-first experiences to the next level.

Content Hub ONE points the way to a new headless future when it comes to content creation and delivery, but it will require organisations to change the way they think about content going forward. 

Learn more about Content Hub ONE by visiting Sitecore’s learning platform or get in touch with Sagittarius to find out how we can help you get on the headless content train.

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