Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator

29 April 2024

By: Sinead Hammond

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Digitally ambitious brands are always looking for ways to bridge gaps between customer relationship management (CRM) and digital experience platforms (DXP). The Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator brings together Sitecore, a long-standing world-class digital experience technology and Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM provider, to empower global brands. Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator is a game-changing solution, meticulously crafted by certified experts from both platforms for savvy organisations to leverage for great results.

The Benefit Of Bringing Sitecore and Salesforce Together

Sitecore and Salesforce form an unmatched partnership in the digital experience space, blending seamlessly to offer outstanding customer experiences. While Sitecore shines in content management and personalisation, Salesforce leads in customer relationship management (CRM) and sales automation. Together, they establish a cohesive ecosystem, enabling businesses to utilise valuable customer data from Salesforce within Sitecore’s robust digital experience platform. This integrated approach facilitates personalised marketing initiatives, streamlined sales workflows, and insightful analytics, ultimately driving engagement, loyalty, and growth.

Eliminating Fragmented Customer Data

One of the most significant challenges businesses face is managing fragmented customer data. Subsequently, this fragmentation often hinders personalised experiences and creates misalignment between sales and marketing efforts. Our Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator addresses this head-on, providing a unified approach to customer data management.

Boosting Insights and Streamlining Operations

By merging sales, marketing, and service data, the accelerator enhances insights and streamlines operations. This unified data approach allows businesses to make informed decisions, optimise customer interactions, and align sales and marketing strategies more effectively.

A Collaborative Approach to Customer Engagement

At the heart of our accelerator is collaboration. We work closely with your team to devise a tailored customer engagement strategy using Sitecore Connect for seamless integration. Our 4-week engagement process, led by certified specialists, includes stakeholder interviews and system assessments to shape a cohesive vision and strategic roadmap.

Anticipate Efficient Data Integration and Actionable Insights

With our Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator, you can expect efficient data integration, actionable analytics, and targeted growth strategies. This empowers your brand with unified, timely customer interactions and unveils new insights. This knowledge can maximise the value of your customer relationships.

Get Started With Sitecore Salesforce Accelerator

If you’re interested in unlocking the full potential of your customer data and aligning your sales and marketing efforts with Sitecore and Salesforce, contact us today for a demo with our experts.

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