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22 March 2023

By: Issy Stephen, Optimisation Executive

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Sitecore has released their solution of the future, XM Cloud, a SaaS headless platform, as part of their Content Cloud solution. So what does this mean exactly?

What is XM Cloud?

Using the SaaS (Software as a Service) approach, Sitecore is moving away from significant updates and towards perfect automatic upgrades. The term “Software as a Service” refers to a licensing and delivery model for software that uses subscription-based pricing and central hosting. There is significantly less upkeep required because there needs to be infrastructure or software to install and manage.

XM Cloud is an entirely new product, and its features will build off of the offering from Sitecore XM. It will work with Sitecore Personalise, CDP, and Content Hub to fill in the gaps and greatly enhance the traditional offerings of Sitecore XP and XM.

New Features 

For the purpose of creating web pages, XM Cloud Pages combines content editing with design. Whether it be for information, goods, or services, this feature will accelerate time to market by freeing up resources and giving the marketer more leverage because they can create websites, landing pages, and other components without developer support.

With the help of XM Cloud Explorer, you may modify material independently of the presentation layer. Users can then access the content item they wish to work with and edit the fields in the editor view. You can use this functionality to edit the content that might not be shown in the page’s view. This feature is helpful because it lets you change content appearing on multiple pages.

Scalability and Site Performance

With XM Cloud, infrastructure-related worries can be put to rest. Your site will scale and handle spikes in traffic automatically. This translates to resource and financial savings. In other words, XM Cloud is set up to accommodate rapid changes and global growth.

A great page experience is essential to your users, so you want your page to load quickly.  A slow website can impact various factors, including your capacity to be found on Google, your ability to have visitors read and connect with your content, and your ability to convert opportunities. XM Cloud allows you to use edge computing while using personalisation, so site performance is no longer sacrificed for customer experience. This is revolutionary for brands that want to deliver personalised content for their users but also have a high-speed site.

Experience Edge is the publishing option Sitecore provides to work seamlessly in your composable stack. Imagine Experience Edge as a proxy layer used to access your content. Using Experience Edge, content and design information are delivered headlessly through a GraphQL endpoint and can be consumed by any head technology like Angular, Vue, React, Next.js, or ASP.NET core. 

If you want to deliver customer experiences faster and better than ever, XM Cloud could be the answer you’re looking for. Global cooperation is a critical component of XM Cloud. Global teams can access workflows, data, and assets from anywhere, making them more productive and flexible.

In short, XM Cloud is a big step forward for the CMS world because it lets marketers and developers use the benefits of headless CMS. As a result of the need for upgrade requirements and its capabilities, you will be able to scale your business without making compromises. Enclosing XM Cloud in Sitecore’s composable architecture makes a whole new world of opportunities possible.

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