Jacksons Fencing - UX

Seamless site migration to a fully optimised, modern website leads to exceptional results.

The client

Established in 1947, Jacksons Fencing is a leading manufacturer of metal and wooden garden fencing, gates and accessories. Sagittarius has worked with Jacksons for over 14 years during which we have collaborated to ensure the primary eCommerce site www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk is a dominant ‘page one’ force in the fencing and garden products sector.

Their challenge

Long-standing client Jackson’s Fencing was looking to modernise their site to improve the user experience of trade and consumer audience types:

  • Increase conversions
  • Seamlessly migrate to an E-commerce solution
  • Improve navigation across all devices
  • Increase mobile goal conversion & revenue
  • Deliver fluid and contextual user journeys
  • Support online account management and payment options
  • Personalise experience
  • Create omnichannel experiences

Our solution

Through well-engineered UX and using Sitecore’s functionality, we improved users’ navigation experiences across multiple devices. As well as evolving the onsite user experience to improve and ensure a smooth path to purchase, the revamp featured a U-commerce integration and a mobile-ready user journey to optimise checkout solutions. The results saw vastly increased conversions and a 14% growth in revenue.

What our client said...

"Sagittarius understand how our business operates and has allowed us to drive sales through digital channels. They've provided us with a hugely successful e-commerce Sitecore website, an industry-leading B2B website, and a parallel French website solution."

Nick Bishenden, Senior Marketing Manager

Jacksons Fencing

Use multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive ecommerce revenues

Leverage the power of personalisation and Sitecore to drive ecommerce revenues

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