A timely boost in revenue targeting the `return to school' announcement

Their challenge

Sagittarius worked with YPO to specify and implement a programme of technical fixes that were hindering the site’s ability to rank in organic search for important terms. In January, following these fixes, we identified that YPO’s site had climbed to rank 12th for “educational supplies” and “school supplies” terms, prior to which it had ranked outside the top 50. We suspected a potential opportunity to improve YPO’s visibility for these terms further through targeted on-page optimisation.

Our ongoing partnership

We conducted competitor research to identify whether the domain’s authority meant that the page could rank with strategic content improvements and found this was the case.

With Boris due to announce a date for the return to schools at the end of the month, we saw a further opportunity to time our updates strategically. We reacted fast with optimised content which saw the site rapidly climb further to rank 4th by the time the announcement was made.

Our results

Far greater visibility on page one of the SERP was achieved in readiness for the back-to-school announcement, which positioned YPO perfectly to maximise on the subsequent demand for school and educational supplies. Month-on-month lands on the page increased by 49%, but the real value was realised through an instant 28.42% lift in revenue for the business.

Who are YPO ?

YPO supplies over 30,000 products and services to schools, local authorities, charities, emergency services, public sector and other businesses, from pens and paper to food and insurance, all at exceptional value.

How can we help you?

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