The Annual Commerce Competency Report

Analysing the Commerce Competency of the UK's Top 50 Home & Furniture Brands for 2023/2024

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How effective is your ecommerce site?

Since the shift from in-store to online purchasing spurred on by the pandemic and changing customer behaviour, leading home and furniture brands are now combining seamless omnichannel experiences that blur the boundaries between online and offline shopping, to create a hybrid purchasing journey that builds on the traditional in-store experience.

As inflation continues to eat into consumer spending, how can home and furniture brands leverage their digital storefronts to win over buyers with more autonomy and tighter purse strings? 

Using industry-leading tools and models, we’ve assessed the top 50 UK-based home and furniture brands to understand how well brands are embracing digital change in their online stores to remain competitive in this sector. 


How did we develop this report?

We looked at retailers who dominate the market, as well as challengers who are innovating ahead of big-name brands that have traditionally led the way. Brands were selected based on a variety of conditions including market share, product type and current commerce infrastructure.

Our report uses research and analysis of the commerce competency based on 10 key aspects of commerce including: 

  • Basket Design
  • Payment Processing
  • Search features 
  • Responsiveness 
  • Performance

Using industry tools, collected data and best practices, we’ve identified Home and Furniture brands who are getting it right, and those who are still falling short of their competitors. We also make suggestions on where brands can invest to improve each of these aspects. 

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