Ian MacArthur

Chief Executive Officer

In leading the team at Sagittarius, Ian prides himself on creating an environment where the cognitively diverse can thrive. A firm believer that it is only differences in gender, age, race, culture, religion, social background and therefore experience that enable a group of people to come together and effectively collaborate to provide solutions for any customers. His vision for the agency is to make our mark as the number one pure-play Sitecore agency in the world delivering class-leading work in the UK, GCC (gulf) and the US. He has a unique perspective as someone whose career has seen him play client and consultant in equal measure whilst traversing creative, strategy and marketing to hold c-suite roles in each discipline. Ian is excited about what the future holds and loves working closely with clients that have the ambition to do amazing things.

Featured posts

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New digital experience design for Cooke Optics.

In the wake of prestigious film festivals and glamorous Hollywood award ceremonies – Sagittarius announce the new fresh image and experience for Academy Award-winning Cooke Optics. Cooke Optics partnered with Sagittarius to redefine and reinvigorate the brand image: retaining its clear,... Read more

Sitecore awards Sagittarius Platinum Partner Status

Announced today, Industry-leading martech DXP Sitecore has awarded the prestigious Platinum Partner status to Sagittarius as part of Remarkable Group – elevating us and sister company Tanasuk to elite status across the globe. The partnership team at Sitecore lead by Bruce... Read more

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